November 4, 2013

The Scotch Egg

 The Scotch Egg is a traidtional British recipe that is often found in European picnic baskets and in your local English pub.  I had a Scotch Egg for the first time last week.  My husband and I were in the great city of Grand Rapids, Michigan sampling craft beer and locally sourced  artisan food, at the Grand Rapids Brewing Company.
 "GRBC is proud to be the Midwest's first USDA-certified organic brewery. Chef Adam Watts has created a menu that is sourced mostly from West Michigan's bountiful agri-business, and features both house-made and Sobie sausages."
I had no  idea what to expect, having never tried a Scotch Egg.  We had viewed it on the menu on previous visits,  but had skipped over it, choosing  instead items like Kale Popcorn and the daily selections on the Butchers Board. The menu described it as " hard boiled egg, pork sausage, saltine cracker, hop mustard." I imagined the egg with those items on the accoutrements to the egg. 
The plate came out with a gorgeous hard boiled egg surrounded in sausage and pan fried to a golden brown crunch.  It had a hop mustard on the side for dipping and it was fabulous. The saltine flavor really added to the sausage and egg components.    I knew instantly I would have to create these for my next party.
Often, the best way to get quality sausage meat is to buy some really lovely sausages, slit them open, then squeeze out the meat. ~ Jamie oliver
8 Eggs
4 Beaten  eggs
4 Cups of crushed saltines for breading
1 lb. of bulk seasoned pork sausage or Italian Sausage links, split open
Herbs De Provence or other herbs of choice 
Mustard divided: add a touch to the sausage and more  for dipping
Oil for frying
Chopped fresh parsley for garnish
Paprika for sprinkling

  • Put eggs into a pan of cold water and bring to the boil. 
  • Boil for 3 to 4 minutes, then transfer to a bowl of cold water. 
  • Once cooled, carefully peel them.
  • Put the sausage meat into another bowl with the herbs, a good grating of nutmeg, the mustard and a good pinch of salt and pepper. Give it all a good mix together then divide into 8 balls.
 Have 3 plates ready - one with flour, one with the beaten eggs and a third with the breadcrumbs.
  • To make the Scotch eggs, start by flouring your hands.
  • In the palm of one hand, flatten one of the sausage balls into an oval-shaped pattie. 
  • Roll a peeled egg in flour, then pop it in the middle of the pattie. 
  • Gently shape the meat evenly around the egg, molding it with your hands.

  • Roll the meat-wrapped egg in the flour, shake of any excess, then dip into the beaten egg, followed by the breadcrumbs. 
  • Roll in the egg and breadcrumbs again for a really good coating.
  1. Heat the oil in a deep pan or deep fat fryer to about 150ºC/300ºF. If you have a cooking thermometer it's a good idea to use it. Otherwise, test if the oil is hot enough by adding a piece of potato and leaving it for about a minute – if it sizzles and browns, it's ready. 
  2. Carefully lower the eggs into the pan and cook for about 4 minutes, turning them every so often, until golden. 
  3. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper. (If you're worried about the meat being under-cooked, deep-fry the scotch eggs until they're golden and crispy, then pop them in a hot oven for a couple of minutes.)
    Cool the eggs slightly, slicing the egg in half the long way.  
  4. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and paprika.
  5. Must be served with a nice mustard  like Grey Poupon. 

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