Gluten Free-er & Clean Daily Food Journal

Gluten "Free" & Clean Daily Food Journal
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This is a daily food journal to aid me in my desire to  "clean" up my diet as well as the eating habits of my husband and 4 teenage boys.  I think it will be helpful for me to keep a journal of what I am eating, as well as a database for good -for -you recipes that have been successful.  I just turned 43 and this winter has seen me at home most days, cooking, cleaning, blogging and errand running, but with no physical exercise or desire to do any.  Ever.  Our winter here in South West Michigan really didn't begin until January.  And its still here.  Today is the first day of Spring and it is snowing with accumulations set to be in inches.  Its 25 degrees outside, overcast and really cold.  So that has been a demotivater for me and has kept me a recluse most of the winter.  I make plans, I cancel them.  I make appointments, I don't go.  I take every opportunity to not have to go out.  Not because I am anti-social...I just HATE winter. 
I have four active boys (3 teenagers) and a husband who have had a winter plagued by a respiratory flu that continues to linger.  Add this to low energy, general apathy and  minor to major skin problems and it points to a need for change.     Some in the family, eh hem, have even gained a few pounds this winter as well.  So with all of this against us, and Spring upon us,  I wanted to take some drastic measures.  I have several friends who have eliminated gluten from their diet and they FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.  They were not stricken with Celiac's disease or a gluten intolerance, but they too had heard how much better people feel after getting gluten OUT. We see an applied kinesiologist who has echoed what friends have already told us.  Basically, EVERYONE would feel better if they took gluten out of their diet.  This was even validated by my OBGYN.  I have done a bit of research and have found this trend towards gluten-free eating very interesting.  Skeptics state, "If bread is the 'staple of life', why is it so bad for you?"   Well, that and more are answered for you in a brief post about gluten, its history and the bread baking industry.  Click here for  a "Gluten For Dummies" article.

Note:  I am trying to clean my diet out, but I am not willing to give up my morning coffee(that I put half & half and sugar in) and Diet Coke just yet.  That would make me miserable.  I at least need to look forward to the morning cup and an afternoon sweet fix with the DC. I love them both.  Dearly. Hopefully these will get kicked later.  

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