March 20, 2013

Gluten Free-er & Cleaner: Day 3

The highlight of my today today is preparing for a big steakhouse style dinner.  After having soup last night and leftovers the night before, the family was ready.  I even made an appetizer for those that were coming home from work. It was cold and blizzard- y out there...our first day of Spring.  I spent all day in the kitchen. 

After work snack

London Broil-Recipe pending
Sauteed  Portabello Mushrooms-Recipe pending
Compound Butter with Tarragon & Honey
Vidalia Onion Fig Sauce Reduction

Chopped Salad
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
Brussels Sprouts
Sweet Potato Fries (frozen from loved them)
Summary & highlights:
Yesterday was ok...I did not eat breakfast.  Well at least not a traditional one.  I wanted to retake a photo from yesterday and I ended up eating my White Chicken Chili for breakfast!  It was so good.   Then I spent most of the day cooking and snacking on vegetables.  I made a HUGE chopped salad that I ate for lunch and served with  dinner.  I  made a homemade buttermilk ranch dressing that everyone really liked. I also prepped dinner during lunch so I snacked a lot on the ingredients....mostly vegetables.  I had defrosted a London Broil and marinated it early on in the day. So I was preparing for a big dinner. 
Dinner was fabulous but I ended my evening with 3 oreos.  I've been bad every day.  I can't kick my sweet tooth and I have NO SELF CONTROL.  That is the real issue.  As they say on "The Next Iron Chef..."you've survived to cook another day," so I too will continue to make the most of my days and cook healthy meals that will, hopefully, offset some of my bad choices. 
On the side with the mushrooms and steak

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