March 25, 2013

Gluten Free-er & Cleaner Weekend 1

The weekend came and went.  It can always be more difficult to stay the course when our days are so unstructured.  I spent Friday working on Braised Pork and Polenta, mini crust less quiches and gluten-free pizza.  On Saturday, we had  lunch out to watch the Michigan game during the NCAA tournament at Buffalo Wild Wings and also had some dinner out this weekend.  We went to a new-ish place in Grand Rapids, The Green Well, where I ate  Pork Tacos with corn tortillas,  that were fabulous, along with truffled French Fries with a garlic aoli as an appetizer.  My kids tried an amazing homeade ginger ale...i couldn't say enough about it! 
I tried to stay clean and as gluten free-est as I could manage.  All in all, not a bad "dieting" weekend.  
This morning I had lunch for breakfast because I was developing a new recipe...for tomorrow.  Also working on Braised Short Ribs for dinner with a pasta dish for my 2nd Son's birthday dinner. Those will be posted tomorrow as well.  
All this "extra" cooking everyday is wearing me out.  I think that's why we spent 2  meals out this weekend!  But Tuesday will bring another grocery day and I will be back in the kitchen, but refreshed!   

Individual Crustless Quiche with Bacon & Scallions (pending)
Gluten -Free BBQ Pizza ( I used some of  the braised pork, and a gluten free store bought crust)

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