March 22, 2013

BLT Steak Salad with Buttermilk Ranch

In between preparing for #marchmadnesssnacks, and making a meal for a family in our community, I had lunch.  I was super busy, but whipped up this salad with leftover steak from the previous night's dinner, leftover bacon from a quiche, and  of salad ingredients I always have on  hand.  I whipped it up in just a few minutes and it was AH-MAY-Zing.  All those flavors together made my afternoon.  I ate standing up as I cooked the rest of the afternoon.  The steak and bacon with the red onion and tomatoes popped in my mouth.  I know that all sounds corny, but it was true. Trying to keep up with a gluten free-er and cleaner way of eating has been pretty easy so far.  I have indulged a little on the dark side, but not as much as I normally would.  Read my post for day 4 as I came to a "food lovers epiphany"....

Romaine lettuce
Red onion
Grape tomatoes
Cooked bacon
Cooked steak
Just a few notes about salad making. 
I like to make all the ingredients uniform in size.  This makes the best "bite".  
I made rings out of thinly sliced onion, halved the tomatoes on the vertical, thinly sliced the steak and then sprinkled the bacon on top, then drizzled the ranch.  

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  1. This looks delicious and oh my, those pieces of steak - to die for ! And I am just looking at a photo ;-) Thank you for sharing at our ALL MY BLOGGY FRIENDS party !


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