March 6, 2013

Who Is Demarle At Home?

Who is Demarle at Home?
I am in the process of developing a Facebook Page for my Demarle recipes, product information and specials.  For those interested in who/what Demarle is, I have put together some noteworthy highlights.  
Demarle is the maker of non-stick merchandise for the professional chef, home cook, baking industry and food network. The company has products which include non-stick bread baking trays, mats for rolling pastries and pies, pre-shaped molds for baking breads, cakes and other dough products, three-dimensional mats, pan extenders,  sheet pans, and much much more. What was once only available to professional chefs in the industry, is now available to the home-cook. 
Demarle U.S. was established in 1993 and has its head office in New Jersey. The company has various subsidiaries in operation in the United States. From the time the very original establishment was founded in 1965 by M. Guy Demarle, it has been making use of highly developed technology to expand on the development of new ways and means for non-stick products in the kitchen and the food business as a whole. It uses food-grade silicone and a glass mesh interior to help with uniform cooking and baking.  Demarle products are made and engineered for industrial standards with an original non-stick finish. Hence, it is set to bake or cook  ingredients consistently with even cooking and fast cooling.  Because it is non-stick, unnecessary calories are avoided by the decrease of extra butter and oils.  

 Many silicone based products on the market   hold on to smells and pungent flavors. Dermale PRODUCTS DO NOT.  Because of the Non-stick fisnish, Demarle  products are convenient to use for cakes, breads, and muffins, but they are also great for casseroles and roasting any meat, vegetable or fish.  All Demarle products have been approved for cooking and baking uses. No reported health problems have come up with regard to these products.  Chefs and home cooks alike love  Demarle cookware because they are so EASY TO CLEAN. In seconds, with little dish washing liquid, a warm sponge and hot water you are ready to dry and store.  

Description from Demarle Professional:

In 1989 Demarle introduced a revolutionary flexible pastry mould Flexipan®. One year later during Europain Exhibition in Paris the Flexipan® won the price for the Best Innovative Product of the Year.
Since then Flexipan® has changed the way of working in the food industry.
Flexipan® is made with a combination of fiberglass and silicone. This allows the mould to be flexible, and gives it its non stick quality. It offers a long life durability to the product, making it possible to use it around 2500 times.

You don't need to grease the Flexipan®. You will still be able to unmould the product without breakage. You can use it to bake (+280°C) or freeze (-40°C) sweet and savoury products.

You can view the Demarle site for professionsals to see what chefs in the industry are using.  Here are some testimony's from renowned chefs across the globe.  You cannot get a better price than from a Demarle At Home Representative. Order today at or become a Demarle representative yourself.  This is a growing home- based business that needs representatives all over the country.  

Want to Become a Demarle At Home Representative?  Click here. Cost is only $149.00 and includes all of the following:

PRODUCTS -  Our most popular & best selling items!
Flexipan® Sunflower Mold (FM000481)
Floral Cooling Rack (TA000106)
Beechwood Rolling Pin (TA000104)
Medium Perforated Baking Sheet (MA435310)
Rectangular Roul’Pat® (RL006040)
Medium Silpat® (SP420295)
Cake Server Knife (TA000114)
Polyamide Spatula (TA000107)
Flexipan® Straight Muffin Tray (FP002051)
10" Heat Resistand Spatula (TA000108)
Set of 3 Spatulas (TA000109)
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl (TA000120)
Mediterranean Balsamic w/Fig (DK006)
Bolivian Rose Sea Salt (GST00002) (Temporary Substitute for Balsamic Vinegar pictured above)
Cooking Across America Cookbook (RE000011)
BUSINESS MATERIALS - Everything you need to get your business going Now!
Mission DVD (MM000137)
Recruit! Book (RECRUIT)
Host Envelopes (1/Pack of 10) (MM000025)
Customer Order Forms (2/Packs of 20) (MM000112)
Host Order Forms (1/Pack of 10) (MM000111)
Representative Agreements (1/Pack of 10) (MM000110)
Savvy Guide/Choice Brochure (1/Pack w/3 Guides & 7 Brochures) (MM000190)
2012-2013 Catalog (1/Pack of 20) (MM000170)
Silpat®/Roul’Pat® Use & Care (MM006266)
Flexipan® Use & Care (MM006267)
Show Reminder Cards (4/Packs of 40) (MM000115)
Marketing Materials Flyer (MM000152)
Gab N Go Tote (KIT00106)
Flexipan® Shape Samples (1/Pack of 6) (MM000101)
Demarle at Home Apron (MM000097)

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