April 20, 2013

Surprise Recipe Swap- Baked Egg Rolls

I participated in my first Surprise Recipe Swap facilitated by the blog Hungry Little Girl.
My first secret recipe assignment was to go to   Amy's Cooking Adventures blog and find a recipe to make and share.  The first thing I noticed was how fun and colorful her blog page was.  Everything was nicely organized and matched well.  I like that. I clicked on several recipes, and even found a Monday Link party to join.  I kept going back to her latest post, which was a recipe for BAKED Egg Rolls.  I had egg roll wrappers in the fridge, so this was a great opportunity to use them.The recipe was easy to understand and well written.  I did everything exactly as she instructed and they came out great.  I was concerned they wouldn't be crispy enough, but that was not the case at all.  They were flavorful and delicious with a crunchy texture outside.  The only difference I noticed from eating the baked ones, was they didn't have the greasy flakiness of one that was deep fried.  They also  held up nicely when I dipped them in sweet and sour sauce- none of the filling fell out.   
My visit to Amy's Cooking Adventures was a pleasant one and I  will look forward to seeing and sharing her recipes in the future. 
See instructions below if you would like to participate in your own Surprise Recipe Swap. 

Here is how it works:
  • Each month on the 1st you will be assigned to another participating blogger. You will then visit their blog and pick a recipe you want to cook or bake and post about it.
  • Posting day is always the 20th of the month!
  • You are not supposed to tell the blogger you are assigned to, that you are making something of their page.
  • Your post has to have the SRS posting format (very simple instructions will be send to you, once you get approved) and should include link backs to the original recipe, pictures and of course your own opinion!
  • You will be assigned to a new partner each month, so that you never have the same link backs.
  • If you would like to be a part of our journey, read the rules and sign up. I will get back with you shortly!
  • (Don't forget to check your spam folder)

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